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Why do I need a website ?

You may not have considered them all, so here are the main reasons why you really do need a website whether you are self-employed, a small business, or a large business:

Credibility : The instant you get a website you will get a boost in credibility. A website says to people that you do exist, that you or your business are legitimate, that you know what you’re doing. Professional websites inspire confidence in people and that means that they’re more likely to buy from you, use your services, or hire you. Most people recognise the feeling of apprehension when they cannot find a website for a business or they find a really poorly made one. In the 21st Century, websites suggest legitimacy and so, making that step will gain you the credibility you need to be a success.

Always Accessible : While most business work between the hours of 9am and 5pm, the Internet is always there. It never sleeps or stops and so is available 24/7, seven days a week. No matter when or where your potential customers or clients want to find out about you or use your services, they can. People are increasingly preferring to do things in their own time at their own pace, catering to that through an always accessible website is only going to make them more likely to use your services.

Contact with Customers & Customer Service : Sometimes the most difficult thing to achieve in business is high customer satisfaction. If you do not have an online presence, the chance of getting that satisfaction decreases noticeably. A website allows you to provide an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your users which may answer the questions they have for you. A Contact Form or link to email will also potentially save you in terms of customer service, as it will theoretically decrease the number of lengthy phone calls or in-person discussions you have. A website also allows you to get information out to your customers, updating them on the latest offers, events, or content. If you have social media as well, which you should, you can get this message out even further and more quickly to your user base.

Showcase : When people look at websites they want to be given information in an engaging fashion. Whether you’re doing freelance work, or are a small business, a website is the perfect place to showcase what you have to offer. Use it as an online brochure of sorts, providing all of the necessary information about you and what you do. You can have a portfolio or gallery alongside testimonials and show what you have to offer to the world. People are much more likely to engage with you if they can see your work or your product, especially if they are impressed by what they see.

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Your website:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Fully responsive for all devices
  • Select your own domain name
  • Run a Google AdWords campaign
  • Start small or think big

The widest market

Over 3 billion people have access to and use the Internet every day, 90% of the UK alone has access to it. It doesn’t matter where you are located in the country or the world, a website allows everyone who has access to the Internet to have access to your business. Immediately, your potential level of outreach to potential customers, clients, or users is exponentially higher than any other method of advertising will ever be.

Been seen

Once you have a website you can then begin to target your market more specifically through SEO and other methods, either way, your website will be seen by potentially thousands of people. That level of influence should not be passed up on. A well-designed Google AdWords campaign will ensure your marketing budget is cost-effective and reaches the right people. Talk to us about AdWords today.

Mobile friendly

Earlier this year, Google announced the mobile update. This meant that all websites need to be mobile friendly if they are to be included in rankings for relevant search results. Google Analytics allows you to monitor which devices your users are coming from, giving you some indication as to how well your mobile site is working in comparison to the desktop version. Let us help you get the best from your website.

we offer you a personalised bespoke website for less than the cost of the smallest advert in the Yellow Pages

Getting started

Whether you’re a brand new start-up company or a small business, the need for a website is integral to getting anywhere. If potential customers or clients cannot find you, you’re highly unlikely to have your services used or your products purchased. At Semaphore Computing we know the importance of a good, modern website and so we want to help you.
Organising domains for your website can be a confusing business, we’ll save you this struggle and find the best domains for you! We will contact you with a few options, and you have the final say in what your domain should be.
Not only will we help you create the website, we will also host it on our own servers so your site will always remain online. Should anything happen to it, we will be easily able to fix problems as and when they happen.

A complete design package

The Concept

Your website should be so much more than just a great looking online presence. When you’re investing in your business, you’ll want to see a positive return.
A free consultation process to identify the time frame and scope of your web design project will be followed by a detailed meeting to establish the aims and objectives of your website. Details of the core needs of your business will be taken. These may include target markets, target audience, unique selling points etc. Your business, its competitors and benchmarks will be studied thoroughly to ensure your website hits the mark with the people you’re looking to reach.
Making a great first impression to capture your customers attention, has always been key for any business, but in today’s online marketplace it’s vital. With so many online choices presenting themselves to web users at the click of a button, the typical user will click away from a website that doesn’t arrest their attention. Fast.

The Look

To be truly effective your website needs to reflect the heartbeat of your business and be consistent with your branding and the design of your other publicity material Its purpose can be to attract new customers, retaining existing ones and often, both. Wise investment in your website will reap rewards.

We love great design and take great pride in our work and client’s success. Prior to developing any website, we scope the brief thoroughly with our clients – we really take the time to understand your requirements and expectations. Only then can we start designing or redeveloping your website. Responsive design means that your website will respond to the device it is accessed on making it mobile and tablet friendly for any size screen this is Google’s recommended design pattern

Tell the World

Now you have your website, how will your customers out there know about it? Search algorithms are ever-evolving. We will help you set your Local SEO strategy with Social Media integration, local branding and responsive optimised pages.

Most businesses have multiple services and products which they need to promote. We can optimise your landing pages so a potential client searching on the search engines will come through to the right page of your website. Having the correct content online in the right places a key product for local SEO.

Have a campaign you need to tell the World about immediately ? Consider a Google AdWords campaign to get your website straight to the top of the Google search results.